Your donation will help us save the lives of countless children with leukaemia by funding a break through in medical research here in Canada, supporting education, and training for cancer professionals and sharing this cutting edge cancer treatment with parents and families as well as partially offsetting their travel expenses to come to the clinic.


Due to the recent success in donations regulations and gift matching funding from both levels of Government and from many corporations in the private sector who support the charitable efforts of their employees, we are extending this donations program until it is successfully completed which means that every dollar donated will be doubled to benefit our children’s leukaemia program. Thank you.




For those private charities registered with the Federal Government and who have a long standing and spotless track record, they have provided a secure means to facilitate the giving and making donations for worthwhile causes such as ours. Please go to  or click on their icon below and place the Nancy-Griffon Fund in the search engine and follow the screen to make your donation. Thank you.

Please note, this service is not a commission based program. Each and every dollar comes directly from them to the Foundation. Once received a tax receipt will be issued.




To make a donation by mail, click on the Donation icon below then simply copy and mail the completed form as shown and attach your payment voucher, money order or draft to the address as shown. Please no cheques. Once received a tax receipt will be issued.

Please note, if you are an employee of a corporation that makes matching donations, then please let us know and we will follow up with them in due course. Thank you.




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