Hello my name is Melodie.


Like so many children across Canada and the United States who have had, have or will have leukaemia the advent of the greatest single advance in the treatment of cancer for childhood leukaemia is now here.


As you have read in the opening page of this web site, the treatment is relatively simple though the more intricate process are found in the laboratory with each process truly unique to each and every patient.


This process as we have earlier explained involves a true process of oncology which deals with cancer as it really is - a virus - and hence the name - oncology. The process involves some combination of the patient’s own white blood cell, combined or modified with some combination of either T-Cells of B-Cells which are the basis building blocks of all cellular structure for the human genome.


In other words all human bodies come with basic cellular building blocks and as they reach each destination are required to specialize in building this organ or that tissue as part of the on-going building or renewal process.


For some of the children in the world their white blood cells have either lost their way or are simply unable to detect the presence of rogue cells (cells affected by a virus) and now operating as cancer cells for what they truly are.


So why not treat a virus for what it truly is - a virus and allow the white blood cells - now modified in the lab - re-educated - to deal with the rogue cell - all of them - permanently.

Recovery is total. The eradication of ALL cancer cells is complete - and more importantly the body’s own auto-immunity system now knows what the cancer virus is all about and will recognize it should it make the mistake of trying to return - the death penalty for the cancer virus - not the child.


If you are a parent or a guardian of a child with leukaemia I truly believe that this campaign is well and truly worth your financial support. Thank you.



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