Public Service Presentations


The Nancy-Griffon Foundation provides as part of our on-going public service and Out-Reach Program an initiative whereby national individual groups, service clubs and private companies can arrange for one of the Directors of the Foundation to come out and make a presentation to discuss the new children’s cancer treatment program.


As the Nancy-Griffon Foundation is a Federally registered private charitable organization, in the process of raising funds for our initiative to eradicate childhood leukaemia there is a charge for this program. The fee for each presentation is to be determined ahead of time and is based on the number of attendees or sponsored by a corporate table and is usually set as a minimum of $100.00 per person.


In order to arrange for and set a time for a presentation you will be required to make an initial donation. At that time simply attach your request to your Donation and mail it in to us. Simply click on the Donation icon below and fill it in then forward it to us along with your letter requesting a Presentation. The standard Nancy-Griffon Presentation Agreement will be forwarded to your organization for your completion. Thank you .

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